Welcome to Jane Austen’s Letters. The aim of this site is to display, in chronological order, the text of each of Jane Austen’s Letters, each letter annotated where necessary. On completion it will provide a useful resource, a comprehensive guide to Jane Austen’s letters, the places and people mentioned within them, and will also explain aspects of Georgian/Regency life which today may be difficult for us to understand. The text of the letters has been transcribed by me from my copy of Lord Brabourne’s edition of Jane Austen’s Letters, which was first published in 1884.

This is a sister site to the following websites:  Austen Only, and A Jane Austen Gazetteer .  These sites compliment the study of the letters and will be referenced from time to time via links embedded within the texts of the letters.

Pages containing the texts of the individual letters are accessible from the right hand side column, referenced by order of composition or from the header to this page.

This is a work in progress and will grow gradually as more letters are added or are annotated with references to people or places.

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